People first: Tips for retaining top talent

It can be a challenge to retain superstar employees any time of year. However, some employers are discovering that workplace changes in the era of COVID-19 can present an extra challenge—especially when competitors or other remote employers try to recruit your superstars away.

To help you retain your top performers, consider incorporating these philosophies and retention tactics into your business practices: 


Are your employees unable to concentrate on their work due to a sub-standard workspace at home? The lack of needed equipment or trouble communicating with colleagues remotely can seriously affect an employee’s productivity. Consider appointing a team or a person who coordinates with all employees to provide adequate resources and troubleshoot potential problems as they arise—helping to boost both performance and employee retention. 

Workforce agility

The pandemic has proven that we must be agile when it comes to adapting our standard business processes. Most top-performing employees can do this easily, and they expect their employer to do the same. Make sure your organization is helping them work remotely and adjusting to other changes with efficiency, ease and the right tools. 

Social well-being 

The pandemic and lockdown situation has been difficult for all of us. When your employees face health or other life problems, their work focus can suffer and leave them feeling out of balance. Be sure to stay alert for any potential issues and have a plan for relieving potential mental health issues related to working during COVID-19. 


During a challenging time, providing your employees with additional benefits is a key retention strategy. Now is not the time to restrict benefits with harsh policies. Employees may need financial or other management support depending on the lockdown situation in their area. Don’t wait for them to come to you; ask them if they need assistance. Words from you as a leader will increase their morale and motivation, so let your employees know that you value them and their well-being. 

Special activities 

Plan activities with your top employees as a way to show your appreciation for their efforts. It could be a special one-on-one virtual lunch or a ticket to an online conference for professional development. Although simple, these activities can help counteract the low energy and lack of enthusiasm that can plague even top performers. 

Keep your top performers front and center 

Managing talented employees is especially critical during a crisis since their skills and talents are in high demand on the market. When you provide professional challenges, benefits, perks and experiences to retain your key team members, not only will your superstar employees benefit— your company will, too. 

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